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The news…

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio accepts the award for Best Actor in,The Revenant on stage at the 88th Oscars on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / MARK RALSTON / AFP / MARK RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Is it Leonardo DiCaprio..? Yes it is again. Fresh off his long delinquent awards season winning talent, he’s arrived in the arms of nonetheless another rumored model sweetheart.  19-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Chelsey Weimar is the A-list actor’s newest affair, but just specifically who is she? Well, she’s performing very well for herself.  With an Instagram account that features nearly 63,000 followers, she’s got a significant loyal following who loves her curated glance into the life of a fashion model.  The Dutch model stands at a ideal height of 5’10”.  And at 19, she’s already enriched the cover of Design Scene mag. Weimar is brought in to Supreme Management, but a easy Google search of her name also produces a showcased profile on Future Faces Model Management’s site and another for The Hive Managment.  She received her start in modeling after succeeding Holland’s reality TV show rivalry, The Face, at only 15 years old.  Along with her most commonly recognized work as a Victoria’s Secret model, Chelsey is also a prosperous commercial model.

The Gossip…

Associates for DiCaprio have refused that the two are an item.  But paparazzi shots of the two leaving Nobu’s Malibu place (and Chelsey’s Instagram posts from inside the star’s Los Angeles homes) direct many to believe usually.  Page Six was the initial to sneak the story, and the press has run crazy with the assumed news ever since. The Dutch press has become failed in verifying Weimar’s enchanting link to DiCaprio.  The young elegance has yet to often confirm or refuse the truth.  And her parent was evasive, directing journalists to speak straight with Chelsey. Though anyone retaining mum about the romance relationship, but all fingers point out the truth.  And if so, Weimar has something big shoes to fill as she’s the comeback after Leo’s latest break up from model Kelly Rohrback.

What it should be…

To present the real and factual stories to the readers are the true job of a journalist. But, paparazzi or page six journalism is made for the readers who love to know the spicy and untold facts regarding their favourite stars. In case of DiCaprio, the news could be as simple as it looks like. As per the trend of the celeb industry, or in civic life also, everyone has the right to select his/her life partner. May it happen that should be a perfect gossip or chit chat for the readers, but the way it is presented should be in a rational way. This should not hurt the life of the fact. But, due to the craziest demand of the readers and to make the marketability of the magazine the news is being presented with some shower and spice. I won’t discuss the human attention in news formats here, as this is a distinct research subject. What I do prefer to point out, as important resources of media rumors, are audiovisual items. Some television channels broadcast chit chat magazines, and some channels are even absolutely gossip-channels. These types are quite similar to tabloids, in that they review about the specialized and personal lives of celebs. What is distinct from written tabloids is that these channels will not pay for non-celebrity press gossip. They focus absolutely on the stars, and the only unknowns showing on such TV programs are individuals who are in somehow related to a celebrity (lover, baby, etc.). People are experience to the actions of stars, and see them basically saying what they listen to. Brown, Basil and Bocarnea (2004) discovered that individuals depend most on television to obtain up to date about celebrities.

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